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The classic mules or clogs from the 70s have been present in the history of fashion for several generations. Their Swedish origin has always been at the top of the most comfortable, wearable and practical footwear, as well as being a different and high quality piece due to the wood and leather used in their manufacture. 

In addition, we must highlight that thanks to the evolution and the mix of trends in the sector, the shape and style of the traditional clog has brought us several different and combined models, for example, the online mules with flat soles or the sandal like the ones we find in the Claire Charlotte collection.

On the other hand, if we relive the birth of the first models of mules sandals for women, we enter into the emergence of the hippie movement and a different way of thinking about society. Just at that time, the it girls of the time began to wear this type of mule shoe to combine it with all types of clothing, from party dresses, casual looks, skirts, to the iconic jeans.

Mules style sandals, comfort and style

In the 90s and 2000s, this type of footwear resurfaced in an emblematic way, as this time they were not only comfortable clogs, but they began to be manufactured down to the smallest detail, turning them into luxury products. This gave rise to different versions that we find today, elegant mules with leather, fine woods with higher quality, fur, studs, among other details. 

Likewise, their development reached the point where, in addition to being an open-toed shoe, the front of the shoe was also uncovered, bringing its design closer to that of sandals. And let's not forget the introduction of the wedge and the platform, which has made these modern clogs a fashion must-have.

But it has not only evolved in terms of style, a key value is comfort. A challenge for the big brands and manufacturers who have managed to turn the modern, sophisticated and elegant wooden clog into one of the most comfortable clogs on the market. As well as the clogs that enter the big door as an essential piece for summer or winter with socks.

Sandals style mules made in Spain

Who said that wooden mules sandals are only found in Sweden and Holland? Although their origins began in these countries and their style has made us fall in love with them, in Spain we can also find them made in Spain with their own style, originality, exclusivity and high quality. 

The Claire Charlotte brand is a good example to show the transformation of clogs into sandals and wooden mules, a perfect combination that will set the style for the next season. A made in spain footwear with noble materials and of a high quality that end up in a product considered a jewel in the fashion sector. 

Their collection is made up of several ranges with sandal stylemules of different models: with buckles and rhinestones or plain, braided, leather in different colours, crochet ornaments, pins, bows, among others. You can choose from different patterns created in pine wood: Brisa, Mar and Zuka.

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