Spring 2021 trends

The new spring 2021 trends are coming in strong. They maintain last year’s concepts, such as the rise of glitter, sequins, transparency, clogs, etc. In short, garments that have been seen before and are still a wardrobe staple.

It is worth noting that the unexpected turn of fashion has already shown us this winter that “anything goes”. Outerwear with summer sandals, sandals with tights and shorts… an explosive mix that has given way to the “timeless” moment. A way of making the most of almost all the clothes we have all year round.

Now, it won’t be unusual to combine clogs in winter with socks or to add them to your spring outfits. Or wear your favourite party sandals on December 31st with a new collection fur coat. Therefore, in these sales we have been able to find a multitude of garments that we can mix and match this spring 2021.

But that’s not all, in addition to the timelessness of the clothes, the immortality of fashion has just arrived. Yes, as you read it, there are immortal garments that are always in fashion. New spring trends very close to the “classics” of always.

Jeans and flowers this spring 2021

Denim and jeans are here to stay forever. Now classics in all kinds of styles (flared, oversized, skinny…). Tube skirts, mini skirts, dungarees, full overalls, oversize denim shirts, etc. Any denim garment will work for you this spring 2021.

Also, the floral print is back in bloom on our dresses, skirts and even bags. A fantastic option to combine with handmade sandals, made with natural materials such as cotton or wood.

Trends spring-summer 2021: red and white

Who doesn’t have something red in their wardrobe? Red is one of those timeless colours, and the same goes for white. Red cocktail dresses, red blazers, red printed dresses, red sandals… Show your strength and energy through red.

And don’t forget white, in summer it is the king of kings, both day and night. You just have to choose the right shoe, bag and make-up to go more casual or elegant.

Wooden shoes, spring trends

This coming spring and summer, wooden shoes are going to be a staple in your shoe rack. Wooden clogs and sandals continue to be a hit with fashionistas.

Among the different models of this style of footwear, we find luxury flat sandals such as those by Claire Charlotte, and others with a platform. But not just any sandals, but the handmade ones that offer a plus of quality and originality.

On the other hand, the more spring-like closed clogs that go great with all kinds of socks.


How to wear clogs in winter

10 keys to wear clogs in winter

Traditional wooden clogs have been a type of footwear loved by many women in the fashion industry. But can they also be wear clogs in winter?

Not only those closed in the front, but also the more modern sandal or mule style.

And in any season of the year, despite being an open shoe. That’s why we want to give you tips on how to wear clogs in winter.

The different designs that we find, are special for their originality and structure. We can find innovations based on the classic clogs. And others that have only been left with the concept of “shoes without heels“.

Since the boom in the 90s, clogs have remained among the trends. They have been followed by influencers and fashionistas all over the world. They have been worn in their daily outfits in both summer and winter.

However, until now sandals and clogs have been a type of footwear worn in summer or in between seasons.

But as in fashion the most important thing is to play and achieve a style of their own. In autumn/winter, all the sandals and mules that we have, can go out to the street style with socks, tights and socks.

Clogs in winter, the most chic trend

Is it true that mules or clogs are very comfortable? The answer is yes, and it is one of the reasons for choosing this type of footwear all year round. Their ergonomics come from the first ones that were used to work. And that’s why manufacturers always put a lot of emphasis on this benefit.

Although we find it strange to wear a clog style sandal with a wooden sole, open, with the cold weather in the middle of December. The reality is that with wool socks, tights, stockings or even leg warmers, they look great. A very chic and elegant trend that will remain.

The success of clogs among fashionistas

Although the impact of this new trend seemed impossible, every season that passes, more success is being achieved among those in love with sandals and clogs.

The past always comes back, and the clog cannot be less. The most prominent international fashionistas have already added it to their outfits (Alexa Chung, Natalia Joos, Miss Fame, among others). Clogs closed to the most classic style, flat mules, sandals with wooden platform, among many other models.

Also, beyond the clog, we find the wooden sandals. They combine perfectly with white, gray, black socks and even in a variety of colors. In other words, your favorite sandals can continue to count steps during the fall/winter season.

How to wear clogs in winter: 5 essential outfits

If you’re going to take a chance with sandals or clogs in winter for the new season. It’s essential that you know some of the main tricks and outfits that will keep you on track every time.

  • Hair coat: choose black or brown sandals, like the ones you’ll find in our collection. Add a tights, a tight skirt and a fur coat – it’s a great look!
  • Dresses: if you’re a dress fanatic, even in autumn. Leave your legs in the air, add a pair of tights and it will look great.
  • Jeans: Lately jeans or jeans are usually hemmed. So wear them with sport tights and sandals – it looks perfect!
  • Long coats: in any everyday look, a brown or gray coat is ideal. And it’ll be more stylish if you add your clog sandals with printed tights.
  • Suit: colored suits are the must-have for several seasons. And now it is worn with sandals and socks (black, plain or printed).

What we want to have with our look

On the other hand, we have to be very clear about what we want to achieve by adding this trend to our style of dressing. Above all, when it comes to choosing socks or stockings.

  • Subtlety or daring: deciding whether our outfit is going to be subtle or more daring is the first step. We can add soft tights or textured tights with our clogs. The message will be very different in terms of strength and noise.
  • Color or nude: bright colors are more warlike. Nude or monochromatic tones soften the look.
  • Black: black gives elegance to your outfit. At night, sandals with black tights or leotards, and if we want to go further. Shiny adornments like those of our Alma and Ana Julia models.
  • Personality: if you want to be unique, don’t hold on to any rules and wear wooden clogs with polka-dotted, flower or cartoon printed socks. Add your usual jeans, and you’re done!
  • Pantyhose: in metallic, pastel or the most classic colors. This style is very sexy to combine with sandals.