The user / buyer agrees to pay the products and services purchased from in the accepted forms of payment and for any complementary amount (including taxes and late payment charges, as appropriate). accepts these forms of payment:
• Secure payment by credit cards.
• Secure payment through PayPal.


  1. Credit cards: Through this means of payment, the buyer will have to provide his card number, the expiration date and his CVV number. At all times your data will be encrypted and sent under a secure SSL server to the virtual POS of our bank, obtaining maximum security, confidentiality and integrity in the transaction. This procedure does not provide the card number to at any time.
  2. PayPal: For its security and speed, this world-renowned system is one of the most used today in Internet sales, for more information visit, from you will be directed to the page of PayPal home, where if you have an account you can make the payment through it, or if you do not have an account, it will provide instructions to pay through it by credit / debit card or bank account.
    No other payment method is accepted.
    Payment is always 100% in advance of the order, and orders will be processed and shipped when we confirm payment.